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Finite Element Analysis, or FEA, is a computer analysis tool that allows us to model complex three dimensional shapes. Engineering calculations rely on simplification of a structure or product. This is a tried and tested method, but has its limitations. Complex shapes can be difficult to accurately simplify to the point of being able to use hand calculations on. The effect of multi-dimensional loading is easily performed with Finite Element Analysis. Once a product or structure is modeled, loads are applied to the model based on industry standards, building codes, or engineering design protocol. The model is constrained to represent real-world boundary conditions. The FEA processor then performs calculations that determine the stresses caused by the loading and boundary conditions applied.

Once the stresses are calculated, the design can either be made stronger, or lighter to make the design more efficient. If the stresses in a structure are too high, the engineer must redesign the structure, increase the size of the structural members, or reduce the overall load on the structure. If a design is overly strong, the product or structure can be made more efficient by reducing member sizes, using a cheaper, lighter material, or by reducing overall material. FEA is useful as both a design tool and an analysis tool. It is also a very powerful tool to determine failure causation in accident reconstruction and defect identification. Call us at (855) 627-6273 or email us to see how FEA can help you. Pictured below are some of the FEA projects we have worked on:


  The output of Finite Element Analysis software shows areas of high stress with color. The stresses are shown on the model, allowing designers to instantly identify locations of high stress.