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Mechanical and Safety Engineering can help you with your product design and development needs. Call us today at (855) 627-6273, or email us. We are experienced machine designers who can take your ideas and make them reality. We can help you regardless of what stage your product is at. If you are in the design/prototype stage, we can come up with an efficient solution based on your criteria. If you are stuck on a design problem, we can help. If your product is being redesigned, we can help improve your product to make it more efficient, or increase its functionality. Cost reduction in both production and design will increase your profit margins. Finite element analysis software (FEA) can help you maximize your product's strength while minimizing material and production costs. We have performed product development on numerous products, including:

  • variable industrial shock absorber
  • indoor bleachers
  • check-out conveyors
  • meter riser device for switching out gas valves
  • mobile tool safe
  • boat back-up mirror
  • engine hoist
  • vehicle jack
  • industrial cleaning equipment
  • solar heating systems
  • ladder stiffening device
  • emergency safety for overhead doors
  • worker fall prevention device
  • table saw guards
  • industrial cleaning equipment
  • high voltage power fuse

Safety as a Business Strategy

Being able to see how safety and security can be used in a company is our expertise. Some of the ways that safety and security can be incorporated into your company are by:

  • Lawyer-proofing your product or machine so you are not exposed to lawsuits.
  • Cutting direct labor costs on dangerous and undesirable jobs with low cost automation.
  • Increasing market share by selling safety that is designed into your product or machine.
  • Making your product stronger, cheaper, and safer using finite element analysis.
  • Making your plant safer by design instead of with slogans and placards.
  • Using today's technology to train clients in the safe use of products or machines.

MASE can help manufacturers minimize their liability by ensuring that their products follow engineering design protocol. We can analyze your product for any design defects, and suggest solutions that will eliminate these defects from your product. We can also ensure that any inherent product hazards are adequately safeguarded to prevent user injury. Working in the product liability industry for a number of years has given us the experience and knowledge needed to identify hazards and produce creative, cost-effective solutions.

Customized Automation Solutions

Many manufacturing processes require custom built machinery. Many processes are still done by hand that could be performed more efficiently mechanically. Using robotic machinery can reduce your production costs significantly. We have decades of experience designing and building factory automation robotic machines, and succeed on difficult design problems where others fail. Call us to discuss your factory automation needs - (855) 627-6273, or send us an email.