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Mechanical and Safety Engineering has extensive experience dealing with industrial machinery hazards such as power presses, brake presses, conveyors, pinch point hazards, point of operation hazards, forklift accidents, and many others. We are safety engineering consultants that can prevent industrial accidents from occurring. We perform a thorough analysis of your facility, identify machine hazards, and offer design solutions to those machine hazards. Or, if you have a specific safety concern in your facility, we can provide you with the best method of safeguarding the hazard. Whenever an industrial accident occurs, someone is going to be held responsible. OSHA regulations are enforced by U.S. federal law, and require employees to provide a safe environment for their workers. This means that the employer will almost always be cited and fined by OSHA, in addition to any litigation that is brought about by the accident.

Prevent costly accidents, loss of productivity, OSHA citations, and bad press by hiring MASE to perform a safety assessment of your facility. Do the right thing and protect the health and welfare of your employees by using us to identify industrial hazards in need of safeguarding. We will provide you with information on what unguarded machine hazards are found in your facility, as well as a solution that will minimize these hazards. Our services are affordable, and can save you OSHA fines, court costs, and payments to injured employees.

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OSHA's Top Ten - This is our industrial safety newsletter sent out to our industrial clients. This newsletter examines the most cited OSHA violations, explaining what to do to avoid citations. Click on the links below to access back issues of this newsletter. Email us if you would like to sign up to receive this newsletter.

OSHA's Top Ten Issue 1 - July 2009 - This issue of OSHA's Top Ten deals with Hazard Communication regulations