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Mechanical and Safety Engineering provides structural services to clients across the nation. Whether your project is a truss system, residential home, a commercial building, or industrial complex, MASE can provide you with the necessary analysis, design, or re-design to make sure that your structure or building is safe and meets applicable codes. We provide solutions that are approved and stamped by our in-house registered professional engineer. Some common services we perform are listed below:

Building Design/Code Compliance

We provide full structural design for new construction. Using finite element analysis software as well as conventional engineering calculations, we provide structural solutions to design criteria that will meet applicable building codes and engineering design criteria. Supply us with your design criteria, and we'll come up with a cost effective, efficient design. Give us a call at (855) 627-6273 email us for more information or to receive a bid for your project.

MASE assists local builders by helping them make sure their building is structurally sound and meets the necessary codes. Building inspectors will often ask for a structural engineer's letter of approval for a certain design element of a building that they feel may be questionable. Building changes will often necessitate an evaluation to determine if the structure is still up to code. Prices start at $750. Call today at (855) 627-6273 or email us.

Structural Engineering Reports

We provide structural evaluations for people and companies who are in the process of purchasing a building or home. Structural engineering reports are often required by one or more parties involved in the purchasing process including individuals, banks, and insurance companies. We perform a structural evaluation based on visual evidence. Please call today at (855) 627-6273, or send us an email to receive more information.

Changes to Existing Structure

Changes to existing structures may necessitate changes to the structure of a building. Renovations that require removal of walls will have to be checked to determine if additional bracing is necessary. Changing roofing or roof-mounted equipment will alter weight and strength characteristics of the building. Adding a second story to an existing structure will require a design analysis to determine what additional reinforcements will be required. We'll make sure your building changes or renovations do not alter the structural integrity of your structure. Call today at (855) 627-6273, or send us an email to receive more information.